Workplace Harassment Investigations

DJCPA understands that having experience in EEO Investigations does not translate to Fact Finding Investigation Experience.The principal of DJCPA is a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. He has conducted numerous criminal investigations and understands that a Workplace Investigation is a Fact-Finding service necessary to address allegations of noncriminalmisconduct, including but not limited to, allegations of serious non-sexual harassingconduct, sexual harassment, management abuses, hostile work environment, prohibitedpersonnel practices, and/or violations of Federal ethics regulations.

Allegations of harassment or other misconduct may warrant an immediate response from management to gather all relevant information, including witness and complainant statements and the review of relevant documents. The fact-finding role is needed to assist management in determining whether the allegations raised are supported by data, witness accounts, and other evidence, and such findings may be used by management in determining if and what kind of corrective action may be necessary. The legally sufficient report may be used in Federal court.

DJCPA’s investigation will also address the treatment of the Complainant and members of the Complainant’s group as compared with the treatment of others not of the Complainant’s group in the organizational segment, if applicable. Additionally, DJCPA will furnish allessential equipment, materials, personnel, and supplies necessary to perform all the work, including investigating complaints, assembling the investigative files, and preparing the applicable reports. We will review anypolicies and practices related to the allegations of concern prior to beginning the investigation.